ANIIMS Committees

College Council

Chairman: Director
Member Secretary

All Heads of Departments

  • Dr. Sanjeev H, Asso. Professor, HOD Microbiolgy
  • Dr. Uday Shankar Y, Asso.Professor, HOD Forensic Medicine
  • Dr. Mangesh Bankar, Asso.Professor & HOD Pharmacology
  • Dr. Jhanvi, Asso. Professor & HOD Community Medicine
  • Dr. Sanyasi Rao Gadela, Professor & HOD Gen Medicine
  • Dr.Deepak Chatterjee, Asso. Professor, Gen Surgery
  • Dr S. P. Burma, Asst. Professor HOD TB & Chest

Medical Educationalist of Repute

  • Dr. R K Srivasatava, Ex-DGHS Govt. of India
  • Dr. Ravi Kumar, Director JIPMER Pondicherry

Two Representative of students

Two representative of Residents

The Registrar / Medical Superintendent GB Pant Hospital

shall be the Member Secretary of the College Council .

Medical Educational Unit

Hon. Director/Coordinator:Dr. Sanjeev H. Assoc. Professor, Department of Microbiology

Hon. Faculty:

  • Dr. S. B. Mahajan, HOD & Prof. (ENT)
  • Dr. T. L. Ratnakumari, HOD & Prof. (Pediatrics)
  • Dr. Deepak H D'Souza, HOD & Prof ( Forensic Medicine)
  • Dr Sanjeev H. , Associate Prof , Department of Microbiology
  • Dr Ratnesh Gajbhiye , Associate Prof , Department of Physiology
  • Dr. Akhilesh Kumar Singh, Asst. Prof (Physiology)
  • Dr. Vaibhav P. Anjankar, Asst. Prof (Anatomy)

Hostel Committee


Chief Warden Boys Hostel:Dr. Mangesh Bankar, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology

Chief Warden Girls Hostel:Dr. T. L. RatnaKumari,Prof. and HOD, Department of Pediatrics

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