Department of Community Medicine

List of Teaching Staff
S.NO Name Designation Qualification Registration UG/PG Date of Joining Contact No Email
1 Dr. G. Jahnavi Professor and Head MBBS 1998, MD 2002 13585 Odisha MC 23/02/2015 706356228
3 Dr. Vivin Vincent Associate Professor MBBS 2007, MD 2012 38517 TNMC 13/06/2018 9846024954
4 Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Gaur Assistant Professor MD 2012, MBBS 2006 18099 Assam MC 20/08/2015 9476007715
5 Dr. Ajay Raj S. Assistant Professor MBBS 2009, MD 2013 89390 TNMC 01/08/2015 9444241340
6 Dr. Lena Charlette Assistant Professor MBBS 2010, MD 2013 90177 18/02/2015 9531877163
7 Dr. Olivia Mary Jacob Tutor MBBS
8 Dr. Kasturi R. Nath Tutor MBBS
9 Mr. Pandurang Vithal Thatkar Tutor/Statistician M.Sc. 2006 --- 18/12/2015 9476043329
List of Non-Teaching Staff
Name Designation
Mr. Biswajit Roy Medical Social Worker
Mrs. Shyamala Devi Technical Assistant
Mrs. Karuna Mondal Technical Assistant
Ms. Neetu Lashkar Technicians
Mrs. Sharmila Sarkar Stenographer
Ms. T. Shameema Banu Record Clerk
Mrs. Mumtaz Begum Storekeeper
Mrs. Tarcilla Minj Sweeper


Welcome to the Department of Community Medicine in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands Institute of Medical sciences, Port Blair. In this Department we have dedicated and experienced staff to guide the students. The Department is well equipped with the modern educational technology gadgets to train the undergraduates as per the guidelines of Medical Council of India.

The Department of Community Medicine has the following purposes

  1. Teaching  Undergraduate Students
  2. Providing Health care to the Community
  3. Conducting Research & Training Programmes


The broad goal of the teaching of undergraduate students in community medicine is to prepare them to function as Community and First Level Physicians in accordance with the institutional goals.

Community Medicine department is involved in training undergraduate students in the fields of Epidemiology, Demography, Communicable & Non Communicable diseases, Environmental factors in Diseases and Basic Biostatistics. Through Lectures, Field Visits and internship the students are oriented to the state of public health in the country and functioning of health care system. Also,the Department has the role of training the students to understand the Social & Economic factors which promote and perpetuate the factors responsible for ill health.


Though three Primary Health Centres and an Urban Health centre, the department is involved in providing primary health care to the people. In addition, special health & Education camps are being organized on important health days. Health Education programmes is also being organized by the Undergraduate students.


Apart from training of Undergraduate students in conducting research, the department provides technical inputs to faculty members in conducting research. Training programmes have been organized periodically for Health care Workers in topics related to Public health.


The department conducted a training programme on Biomedical Waste Management for the Staff Nurses of GB Pant Hospital from 30/3/15 to 4/4/15 in which 119 Staff Nurses were trained.

Infrastructural facilities:

Number: 01
Size : 37 Sq metre
Capacity : 40 Students
Audio-Visual equipment available: LED Projector /Drop-down screen

Number: 01
Size : 85 Sq metre
Capacity : 50 Students
Number of Microscopes: 30

Number: 01
Size : 55 Sq metre
Capacity : 30 Students
Collections: Portraits: 33, Charts: 86, Models: 42, Specimens: 20, Slides: 59

Departmental Library-cum-Seminar Room :
Number: 01
Size : 12 Sq metre
Capacity : 10
Number of Books in Community Medicine and allied subjects : 102
List of journals : 07

Research Laboratory :
Number: 01
Size : 12 Sq metre
No. of Equipment : 16


The Following PHC’s & UHC are identified for Rural/Urban health training. PHC CHOULDARI & UHC GARACHARMA are being upgraded as Rural and Urban Health and Training Centres respectively.






Distance from the college

23 km

11 km

25 km

27 km






Daily average OPD





Bed Strength






List of publications by the members of the staff during the last 3 years?
Dr. G. Jahnavi -14
Dr. Shivani Rao-07
Dr. Bhanu Pratap Singh Gaur-06
Dr. Lena Charlette-03
Dr. Ajay Raj S.-04
Mr. Pandurang Vithal Thatkar- 05


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  1. Epidemiological training in Vellore 21st July 2003 to 2nd August 2003
  2. Planning Health Intervention Studies By Nordic School of Public Health Sweden October 25th to Nov 4th, 2004 Ujjain
  3. Diabetes training M.V.Hospital Chennai 23rd May 05 to 27th May 2005
  4. Modular training TB NTI Bangalore  24th April2006 to 6thMay 2006
  5. AIDS sensitization workshop Vijayawada  28th and 29th July 2006
  6. Work shop on integrated learning for teachers 21st and 22nd August 2009
  7. Workshop on the promotion of  ORS-ZINC combination in the management of Diarrhoeal disease sponsored  by UNICEF – 27th September 2012
  8. Workshop on management of common emergencies by DR MGR University – 16th October 2012
  9. CME programme on “Comprehensive Approach to Hydrogen Ion Homeostasis”  by Dr.MGR University – 14th December 2012
  10. CME programme on “Dyslipidemia Essentials” by Dr.MGR University – 12th April 2013
  11. Basic course workshop in “Medical Education Technologies” at PinnameneniSiddartha Institute of Medical Sciences under the guidance of Dr. Seshadri, SRM Medical College, Chennai,  in Aug 2009.



  1. Workshop in "Multiple Linear Regression, Logistic Regression and Survival Analysis" organized by Biostatistics Resource and Training Centre, CMC Vellore.
  2. Training program on "Fundamentals of Clinical Data Management" organized by Biostatistics Resource and Training Centre, CMC Vellore.
  3. Basic course workshop in "Medical Education Technologies" at MCI regional centre for  Medical Education Technologies, Govt. Medical College, Kottayam in June, 2014.
  4. Oral presentation - "Impact of Janani Shishu Suraksha Karyakram on Institutional Delivery at Primary Health Centre: Evidence from Rural Haryana, North India". AtX1 South East Asia Regional Scientific Meet of the International Epidemiological Association 2013, Pokhara, Nepal.
  5. Oral presentation - "HIV/AIDS Knowledge among female factory workers in Faridabad, Haryana: a cross sectional study" at IAPSM conference 2014, Agartala.



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  1. 27th Dr. S Radhakrishnan Memorial National Teacher Award 2011 – received at Speaker Hall, Constitutional Club, Rafi Marg, New Delhi on 4th Sep 2011
  2. Faculty Best Paper Award – 16th State Joint Conference of IPHA & IAPSM 6th, 7th January 2012 at Vijayawada
  3. Monogram – Lambert Academic Publishing – G.Jahnavi, A.Sanjeeva Rao A study of Children of 0-6 years in Urban ICDS project Area.



  1. "Nutrition" in the Text book of Health for Health workers by Dr.Jugal  Kishore MAMC New Delhi
  2. "Mental Health" in the Text book of Community Medicine by T.Bhaskara Rao
  3. National Health Programmes of India 11th edition J.Kishore Century Publications New Delhi

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