Achievements of students at the national/ international level


Name of the Department MBBS Course Year Title of  the event Awards Date
1. Department of Community Medicine VI Semester 2017 Quiz :World Health Day, Theme - Depression - Lets talk 07-July-2017
2. Department of Community Medicine VI Semester
Short Film Competition
2018 " Challenges in Management of Environment Diseases" 16-17 March 2018 held In SRM Medical College, Chennai (International Management of Environment Diseases) 2nd Prize 16-Mar-2018
3. Department of Community Medicine VI Semester 2018 Quiz for UG medical students on the Topic - Universal Health Coverage" on the day of World Health Day 07-Mar-2018

4. Department of Community Medicine VI Semester
Competition at state level
2018 World TB Day activity under International Association of Preventive and Social Medicine (National Body) "Wanted Leaders for TB free World" 1st prize to Emant J. 24-Mar-2018

Department of Community Medicine 2018 Association of Tuberculosis with Adult onset Diabetes Mellitus in tertiary - Port Blair (lCMR Project 2017-2018)
6. 51st Engineers day VI Semester College Level competition
Poster presentation
1st prize to Ms P. Megha & Ms Anjali (2015 batch) 15-Sep-2018
7. 51st Engineers day   College Level competition
Power point presentation
1st Prize to Ms Shareen (2016 batch)
2nd prize to Monit Kumar Mondal (2015 batch)
8. 51st Engineers day


College level competition
Quiz competition - Digital transformation on new Industrial revolution
4th position : Mr. Jigabin (2016 batch) & Mr. Somusundaram (2015 batch) 13-Sep-2016
9. 51st Engineers day College level competition
Collage making
1st position by Ms. Anjali & Ms. Anupama Roy (2015 batch) 12-Sep-2018


Celebration of  Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Anniversary 2019 Quiz competition 1st& 2nd Position of students ANIIMS 22-Sep-2018
11. National Youth Parliament festival 2019 3rd MBBS 2015 batch 2019 District youth parliament 1st Position  to Ms. Shareen  (2015 batch) & 2nd Position to Ms Sahnaz  (2015 batch) 28-Jan-2019
12. Department of Community Medicine MBBS Students (All batches)

Dec 2018 World AIDS Day celebration  (Collage competition with theme "Know your Status" 1st prize: Adarsh Oommen & C.H. Jagan,
2nd prize: Akhilesh Kumar, Amalin George
3rd prize: Ashifa Mushrifa, Ajay Mondal, & Akansha Biswas, Anshika Menon.
13. Department of Community Medicine Student: Maneesh Kumar (III MBBS),  Guide: Dr. G. Jahnavi May - June 2018 Association of Tuberculosis with adult onset Diabetes Mellitus in a tertiary hospital in Port Blair: A cross-sectional study. 2018-04741 (STS ICMR Project) 01-May-2018

Department of Dermatology Student: Mansi Shrivastava (III MBBS), Guide: Dr. Pradeep Balasubramanian May - June 2018 Density of Demodex mites on face among topical cortico steroid users in a tertiary hospital in Port Blair; A Cross-sectional study 2018-05048 (STS ICMR Project) 01-May-2018
15. Department of Ophthalmology Student: Merin Ann Jose (III MBBS), Guide: Dr. Abhishek Onkar May - June 2018

Incidence of Dry Eye Syndrome among Medical and Nursing students of an Institute - A Cross-sectional Study 2018-05044 (STS ICMR Project) 01-May-2018
16. Department of Paediatrics Student: Rithu Babu (III MBBS), Guide: Dr. T. L. RatnaKumari May- June 2018 A Study of Intensive, Objective, re-inforcing counseling about breastfeeding and correct breastfeeding techniques to the mothers antenatally and postnatally on the successful initiation of breatfeeding 2018-06760 (STS ICMR Project) 01.05.2018

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